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Non-medical practitioners for psychological therapy

Michael Lampel

HPP Michael Lampel

As an non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy I offer complete mentoring, treatment or manual formation following a natural and human idea of mankind. Doing this I start with the causes employing soft means of nature. From the patients it requires the will to integrate necessary changes in their live for not only to eliminate symptoms but also to achieve a lasting improvement of their life situation.

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I have learnt the manual therapy methods I apply in the South East of Asia, where they are integrated both in tradition and culture.
Concerning their efficiency these applications have been scientifically explored and been empirically confirmed by experience throughout several thousand years. Among others these are Thaiyogomassage according to Asokananda, the Yoga school of breath, Qigong and Vipassana meditation following Theravada - Buddhism.

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The images presented on the website give an insight into the series:
"Art of Culture - Fauna, Animal and Human"

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