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Our treating offers are intended to be an accompaniment and a support. They are adapted to your own individual situation.

The spectrum of the treatment contains integral care - and therapy offers. For this I benefit from efficient knowledge acquired throughout 15 years ofpractical experience in the natural philosophical roots of Ayurveda and Theraveda - Buddhism healing traditions.

Together we will recondition emotional and mental integrity in exercising a healthy lifestyle. We naturally support this reconditioning with the above-cited applications.

Buddha Statuen

The efficiency of my therapeutic applications and methods is empirically confirmed and scientifically explored by the experience of several thousand years. In combination with school-medicine these applications and methods constitute an efficient bridge to a successful healing process.

The treatments take place at your home or at " Wa-Sv" from Wilhelm Adelhardt. In summer we profit from the salutary environment in the valley of the Pegnitz- river.

Lahu Shaman

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