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Meridian Energy


About the energy channels (Meridians) the Meridian Energy is streaming permanently throughout our whole body.

In Asian healing tradition Meridian Energy, Prana, Chi, Qi or Ki are terms to describe vital energy. In Yoga Pranayama Kosha corresponds to Meridian Energy (Nadis). There the Meridian Energy passes through the Chakras (main energy centers), forming a continuous correlation and changing quality as well as destination depending on the energy center.

The flow of Meridian Energy is it disturbed energy blockades emerge weakening the quality of the chakras and developing disease sooner or later. Tiredness, exhaustion or emotional moods are first signs for the fact that the energy streaming in the body is no longer in balance. Once body and mind accustomed to a reduced energy flow symptoms are no longer realized and the eruption of the disease is unavoidable.


A balance (therapy) of the Meridian Energy dissipates the blocked energy flow and harmonizes the different qualities of the Chakras. This way the perfect circulation of the Meridian Energy assures the quantity of main energy centers in the body.

From the age of 40 on the Meridian Energy decreases because of the age and one himself / herself is required to take more care of the maintain of Meridian Energy. Therefore a Meridian Energy Balance Therapy is an ideal support for to maintain a healthy vitality and to reduce stress symptoms.


Precondition of every Chakra - Therapy is that the Meridian Energy Balance of the body is harmonized and at equilibrium. Only a well-adjusted and harmonized energy balance generates strong main energy centers in the body and reinforces every treatment to the best result possible.

A good Meridian Energy Therapy helps the body to handle stress at short term and to prevent occurring exhaustion. Depending on the treatment concentration, perseverance or performance can be re-established or increased.

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