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Healing plants

The green procedure in healing plants - research

In handling healing plants and herbs the green procedure is a reasonable way having a real gentle effect on body, mind and psyche. That's why always the same questions arise:

∞  what kind of healing plants are appropriated for the complaints ?
∞  can I ingest these healing plants ?
∞  which secondary effects and incompatibilities are known about these healing plants ?

Pilz im Wald

Always clear up complaints with the doctor!

For to be sure to do really the right thing you can, in case of a doubt, clarify all questions about healing plants and herbs with any pharmacist.

Healing plants

Ayurveda, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine, besides plenty of other eastern healing methods, had the possibility to develop in a culture that uses the soft healing- effect of nature till today.

As well Ayurveda as also Chinese medicine still hark back to healing plants and spices for a gentle treatment of the body.

Occidental embossed cultures have produced drugs by using industrial chemicals. Pharmaceutical products extract much energy from the human energy system and so displace the natural energy flow, obstructs it and thus weaken the vital energy with all consequences. In numerous medical sectors pharmaceutical products are essential and helpful.

In sectors however where symptoms of an illness are treated, but the causes ignored, every pharmaceutical therapy is an access to dependency.

On the other side pharmaceutical products overlay pains so drastically that the body's natural defense mechanism can no more be realized and that the feeling of body signals is deadened. Healing plants, herbs and spices have also to be considered as medicine and they are as dangerous as medicine after non according use.

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