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Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana is one of the oldest meditation methods in Theravada and means as much as " see things like they really are". Vipassana is dating back to the words of Buddha's teaching speeches passed on in the Pali - Canon. He instructed Vipassana as a universal remedy against illnesses but also as an art of living. Indeed the Vipassana practice of Meditation is widespread in Buddhism, but has nothing to do with religion.

Vipassana aspires to complete elimination of spiritual impurities and to an entire liberation. Not only the healing of illnesses, but the fact to be cured of all human sufferings.

Vipassana is a way of self - transformation by self - observation and turns the attention to the narrow interaction between body and mind. This interaction between body and mind can be directly experienced by different breath exercises (Pranayama) and by an intensive training concentrating on corporal emotions. These emotions have an influence on the body and are in constant interaction while conditioning the mind.

The self - exploration founded on observation and attention leads to the origin of feelings and emotions but also to blockades and constraints in body and mind. The Vipassana method dispatches spiritual impurities and leads to lucidity, balance, mental force and tranquility inside. In the end to a life without stress in love, compassion and harmony.

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The natural laws directing our thoughts, our feelings, our judgments and our emotions get distinguishable. By direct experience one gets conscious of oneself and recognizes how to progress in development, but also discovers if regressions arise, if suffering is created or if one has disengaged from suffering. The own "oneself" is affected by an increased attention, by penetrating self - illusion and manipulation, by bigger self - regulation and especially by inner vigilant tranquility and peace, what finally leads to a liberated mind and to a healthy and relaxed body.

Vipassana Meditation is an efficient method for everybody to independently prevent illnesses, activate self - healing forces and support corporal, mental and emotional health. Vipassana is a wonderful supplement to school medicine and all possible healing - methods, protects from negative energies as well the patients as also the therapists, deepens the intuition, increases compassion and peaceableness, improves "self" - confidence to better reach targets and supports the healing - force and the spiritual development.

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