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Breath therapy - Pranayama

Breathe is the bridge between life and consciousness

and it combines body and thoughts. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

India Lady

The breathe therapy (Pranayama) is part of the entire method for body work and takes its origin in the Indian Hatha Yoga tradition. This traditional breathe therapy, throughout the centuries, has entered Ayurveda therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and still more forms of therapy. It is also applied in the training of many sports.

Common respiration is flat and less saturates the blood with oxygen. In the Yoga breathe therapy (Pranayama) we relearn conscious respiration. A controlled and conscious respiration, among other things, supports

•     durable relaxation in stress situations,
•     reduction of aggressions,
•     muscle resistance particularly with advanced age,
•     muscle resistance against fatigue
•     and general performance.

For sportsmen/ sportswomen a controlled respiration may lead to a clearly higher endurance and therefore to an increased performance. Bei Ängsten und Phobien, Depression, Burn out uva psychischen Belastungen geht die Atmung mit einer deutlichen Veränderung einher. So hat eine Bewusste Atmung auch hier eine reinigende und heilende Wirkung.

In anxieties and phobias, depressions, burn out and various other mental burdens respiration is accompanied by precise changes. For this reason conscious breathe also has a purifying and healing effect here.


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