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Traditional Thaiyogamassage

Thaiyogamassage Uebung

The perception of the body is an essential part of therapeutic treatment. During a well-balanced therapy I use the knowledge of natural Asiatic healing culture. Correctly applied it makes use of depth perception for the patients to get conscious of their body and their spirit.
In corporal psychotherapy the traditional Thai Yoga Massage, based on experience, is an ideal method to transform unconscious mental processes into conscious ones.
In this method are specially employed respiration, corporal contact, corporal exercises and the respect of the body to obtain consciousness and actualization.

∞  Culture and history  ∞

The traditional Thai Yoga Massage (TTYM), in the Far East, is known under the Thai-name "Nuad Phaen Boran" (approximate translation: "Very old medicinal contact") and is a complete treatment having developed from both Ayurveda and Yoga.

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha lived in India during Buddha's era about 500 before Jesus Christ and was the first health professional having written down the techniques of Traditional Thaimassage. Since then he is venerated for being the founder of Thaimassage.

Generally the most employed system of energy lines, the 10 Sen ( vital energy lines in traditional Thaimassage "Sen") corresponds to parts of energetic energy lines in Yoga (Prana-Nadis). ( Prana, Chi, Qi or Ki are terms for vital energy in different traditions.)

∞  The treatment  ∞

The traditional Thai Yoga Massage is, corresponding to the tradition, exercised on the ground and in silent and serious conditions. Therefore the masseur as well as the patient wear large clothing which does not limit movements.

During the session the masseur enters in active Yoga positions ( Asanas and Pranayamas) and places the patient, as far as his / her mobility allows it, in similar passive Yoga positions. The treatment makes of stretching, elongating, energy workout, acupressure and meditation, an intensive whole-body-massage.

During the intense handling of the 10 Sen the masseur gets a feeling for the vital energy of the patient and at the same time activates its circulation and recognizes and dissipates energy blockades.

∞  The effectiveness  ∞

The muscles' malleability and the filaments' elasticity are repaired by soft elongating- and stretching- exercises. With passive Yoga exercises the masseur works on the whole skeleton and essentially improves the flexibility of the articulations.

The intense work on the body's Vital Energy System (chakras and energy lines) can dissipate energy blockades and so prevent diseases before they arise. The work on the energy lines makes sure that the streaming between the chakras (main energy centers) is given and that by this way the chakra's energy is meshed with the body. This is the pre-condition for a purposeful treatment.

A TTYM can counteract aches and general dysfunctions. Mental and emotional depressive moods are dissipated and favorably influenced. Performance and the quality of life are increased.

So the Thai Yoga Massage, in school medicine, contributes a precious and powerful support to mental, emotional and physical therapies and any other medical treatments. It also develops the body's self-healing forces and the spiritual evolution.

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