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Yoga of Mindfulness

In the Yoga of Mindfulness exercises are executed in a healthy , upright and natural body position, slowly and consciously. It would be ideal if the person exercising yoga consumed nature-oriented and vegetal food. This food dissipates sediments in the articulations and harmonizes detritions in the bone structure.

Asana and Pranayama Yoga exercises very easily develop muscles, flexibility and consciousness of the body. By holding Yoga positions blocked energies, Prana, are refloated into the natural streaming, inner healing - forces are activated and inner organs are better supplied with blood. Soft Yoga, adapted to the individual situation, is an excellent prophylaxis against all sorts of illness and can positively influence therapies in their effectivity.

Traditioneller Inderin

At the end of each yoga session there is a 15 to 20 minutes long deep relaxation. For this one is lying on the back and first relaxes systematically each part of the body and finally also the mind. At an average of every 3 seconds the human mind generates a new or at least another idea and at the same time handles all sensations. Precisely deep relaxation is particularly important for the modern human being. During the relaxation stress hormones are dissipated, the immune system is re-enforced, healing processes are forwarded, mental force and tranquility are reconstituted. Complete relaxation doesn't simply come like that , but should be exercised patiently and systematically.

Traditionelle indische Familie

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