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Vita activa of Michael Lampel

1999 - 2015 Traditional apprenticeship

at Sunshine Network in Lahu Village and at Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai. Learning of traditional Thaiyoga - massage by Asokananda, of Tai Chi and of Vipassana - meditation.

Regular participation in meditation - retreats in different Theravada - Buddhism - Wat's ( abbeys).
Wat Suan Mokkh in Thailand and Brahma Vihara Ashrama in Bali, Indonesia.

2005, 2006 and 2009 voluntary instructor

Voluntary instructor at Isbera and AWO for people with migration background.

2009 - 2011 formation as non-medical practitioner for psychological therapy

During this formation I learned clinical psychology. Since then I could gather experiences and successfully support healing processes on patients with atopic dermatitis, pains, frights, burn - out - depressions, stress symptoms and more.

2003 - 2015 practitioner -and therapy experience

Practically applying my experiences and the learnt therapy - methods as a mean of detention and anti stress, I experienced these exercises in combination with the characteristics of the brain, of neuronal plasticity and of contemplation in a very efficient complexity of corporal psychological therapy.

Conversation therapyTraditional Thaiyogamassage
Corporal psychotherapyYoga
Behavior therapyPranayama - breath school
Vipassana meditation

2008 - 2015 Skilled employee in social pedagogy

for children and teenagers

tutor for children and teens, consultant and school escort at public schools in Nuremberg and surroundings. Advisory service for parents in questions about health and education.

2007 - 2015 International Web Business Management

International projects in complementary medicine

United Kingdomwww.ttyma.co.uk

Diplomas and Certificates

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